Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 30, 2011

Fez Gets Rated In Europe, The Wait Is Coming To An End

It looks like the Xbox Live Arcade title that defies reality as we know it, Fez, is showing signs of life. Europe’s PEGI board recently rated the game for Xbox Live, and XBLAfans immediately jumped on the news.

Fez explains the story of Gomez, a 2D character locked in a 2D world – though not for long. Throughout the game you learn that the world that Gomez has come to love is falling apart, and it’s on his shoulders to save it. As Gomez, players will gain the ability to twist the 2D world from side to side, opening up new pathways that were inaccessible before.

The new rating points to the possibility that the long wait for the game could be coming to an end. Fez has a release date of “early 2012” still, but it’s looking brighter as time creeps on. I am insanely excited about this game, and you should be too. Check out the gameplay video below to see why.


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