Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 26, 2011

Griefing – Broken Spawn Kills Ruining Modern Warfare 3?

Over a million players log on to play Modern Warfare 3 every day. I play it, I’ve reviewed the game, and I love getting on the game and playing Team Deathmatch with my friends. But if you go through any of the game’s many forums lying around the internet, such as this one, you’ll see a rising issue among the multiplayer community out there: spawn killing/spawn camping.

For those of you who don’t know, spawn killing occurs when the enemy team finds your team’s spawn point on a map and camp, killing players with ease as they spawn. This has been an issue with other Call of Duty titles, but with the introduction of Modern Warfare 3 these types of issues have been showing up more and more often. Even the most experienced player can fall victim to spawn killing, and it’s easily one of the most frequent reasons for rage quitting that anything else.

One of the main issues and reasons for why spawn killing occurs in the game in the first place is how spawning itself works. In previous games, they allowed the player to spawn in different places all over the map. In Modern Warfare 3 this is taken away. Players will only spawn in certain areas, leaving the door wide open for enemy players to move in and camp the spawn area. Well-timed grenade tosses, full clips, and timed shots can result in multiple kill streaks, and numerous kills at a time. You can see this in action below, as the player in the video picks up a 76 killstreak in just one minute using this tactic.

This is a huge problem, and it’s even causing some players to stop playing the game all together. I’ve fallen victim to this myself, and it’s made me want to stop numerous times. In fact, I’ve not picked up the game in weeks. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I really feel like Activision needs to fix this problem before it runs out of control. There’s talk on the forums that some servers have moderators that kick players if they’re caught using this tactic, but I’ve not run into it personally. That being said, have any of you ran into this problem? Are you a player who uses this tactic? Is spawn killing ruining the game? Tell us what you think.

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