Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 26, 2011

Increase Skyrim Performance By 40%

With Skyrim being a bit on the demanding side, PC gamers are always looking for a way to get better framerates on higher settings. Though some are just wanting the ability to smoothly play the game at all. Well, if you want to achieve either of these things, there is a mod available that promises up to 40% increase in performance on a variety of different hardware.

Named TESV Acceleration Layer, this mod focuses on optimizing CPU-dependant functions, rather than those that rely on the video card. As such, this doesn’t meant that you’ll notice performance increases everywhere. But since the game doesn’t properly take advantage of multiple cores, you’d be surprised to see just how often that it does.

What’s even more fascinating is that the creator of the mod claims that if enough work were put into this, one could achieve a 100% performance gain. The only question now is whether or not Bethesda has any plans of officially optimizing the game further.


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