Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 6, 2011

Nano Assault Now Available For Nintendo 3DS

Nano Assault, the new innovative shooter from Shin’em Multimedia, is now ready for play on the 3DS. We’ve covered the game a bit in the recent weeks, and players can now pick a copy of the game up for themselves.

Nano Assault is a new 3D shooter that has players fighting through 32 different cell worlds with landscapes that vary in difficulty. Commanding a small ship inside a cellular system, it will take everything available in the player’s arsenal to wipe out the deadly Nanostray virus. You’ll have to surpass some dangerous bosses such as the Black Nucleus, and minions like the Hyper Blobs and Spore Plants in order to bring the system back to healthy order.

You can pick up Nano Assault now for $29.99 for the Nintendo handheld. If you need to see the game in action, check out the gameplay trailer below. The game looks like a mix between a stick shooter and R-Type, and that’s promising. After all, R-Type was the shooter to play in the good old days, right?

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