Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 6, 2011

Net Loot: A Closer Look At Skyrim’s ‘Arrow In The Knee’

Dragons, bears, and giants are rampant in the world of Skyrim. These deadly creatures roam the countryside just waiting for a challenging meal to wander about. Before you can blink you’ll be mauled, scraped, scratched, bitten, slashed, maimed and even torched. Even with all of these dangers running wild in the game, there’s one that stands above all else: arrows to the knee.

The guards in Skyrim have the worst luck. Talking to them, you’ll definitely hear one say, “I was once an adventurer like you; then I took an arrow to the knee.” Though it’s an interesting thought, it gets a bit watered down the more you hear it, even from guards in different parts of the region. Knowing this, the folks over at G4TV wanted to do something to show players that there is life behind this sad guard story.

Below is the creation of what spawned from that idea. It’s a video showing us all that “Winterhold Guard #35,” as he is so called, has a life. The story is full of intrigue, loss, and even some action. Be sure to check it out, and make sure you’ve got plenty of knee armor when you’re wandering the lands of Skyrim.


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