Posted by Chad Kilinski on Dec 1, 2011

Nvidia GTX 580s To Go On Sale For $380 Soon

Black Friday and Cyber Monday week has recently passed and that means a bunch of you bought some new computer hardware with all of the awesome deals. If you bought a graphics card though, you may want to rethink it! The new Nvidia GPU architecture titled “Kepler” is coming out early to mid 2012 and they are putting their GTX 580s on sale for a low low price.

With the new architecture right around the corner, Nvidia wants to clean the shelves to make room for the new stuff. Right now Nvidia 580s will run a buyer about $600. After the upcoming discount, 580s will run about $380. Hopefully this decreases the prices of all Nvidia cards for people who are wanting to buy lower end cards as well.

There are four main reasons to this discount. The first one is to make room for the newer models on the shelves which was explained above, the second is to increase the sales volume, the third is to clear previous stocks, and the fourth is to step counter the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series. This is great news for all Nvidia fans planning to upgrade in the near future. This deal is planned to roll out sometime in December and it’s not known how long it will stay.


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