Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 15, 2011

Radeon HD 7970 Specs Leaked? [Rumor]

AMD fans have been eagerly awaiting the next generation of graphics cards from their favorite supplier. Unfortunately, it has been a bumpy road, with delays pushing the first cards back to next year. With the release looking to be only weeks away, everyone is anxious to find out just what these new chips will be packing. If you have a look at the image above, you might have a better idea of what’s under the hood of the 7970.

Then again, you might not. While certain aspects line up with previous reports, such as the 2048 streaming cores and 128 texture units. However, a few things don’t really sit right with me. The first indicator that this is likely a fake is the misspelling of the word “embargo” at the bottom. Another is that they claim the idle power consumption to be only 3W. It’s great if they have managed to do that, as it would be a huge drop from the 6970’s 20W at idle.

As with all supposedly leaked information, you can’t generally put too much stock in it. I’d say that I’m about 95% percent certain that the above image is a fake. We’ll just have to wait until next month to get the official word.


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