Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 8, 2011

Steam Begins Accepting Coupon Codes

According to a report from Blue’sNews, Valve’s online digital distributor of PC gaming, Steam, will be accepting coupon codes. These codes will take a percentage off a game’s price, and assist with more savings along the way. If there was a way that Steam could get even better, this would be it.

In a support article posted on the Steam forums, a lot of early questions have been answered in a FAQ:

How many coupons can I use on an item?

You can use one coupon per item.

Can I use coupons on already discounted items?

Coupons are valid on discounted items unless specified otherwise.

What happens to my coupons when they expire?

Expired coupons will be automatically removed from your inventory.

How do I know which products the coupon can apply to?

Coupons in your inventory will have a button marked “View Applicable Games” in the detail panel for each one. Following this button will show you a page with available products that the coupon can apply to.

How do I apply a coupon during checkout?

When you add a valid item to your cart, Steam will apply any of your applicable coupons automatically. Prior to clicking “purchase,” you can choose to save your coupon for later by clicking the “Change/Remove coupon” link for that coupon in your cart.

How do I know when my coupons will expire?

The expiration date is displayed in the detailed information for each coupon in your Steam Inventory.

Though this Valve post was helpful, there isn’t really any information as to how these coupons will be obtained, and when they will be available. We’re waiting on word from the company, and when details come in we’ll update so be sure to check back here. I’m personally hoping for a sweet coupon for 50% off the Valve complete pack. I think we could all use that.


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