Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 30, 2011

The Gears of War 3 Demo Is Finally On Xbox Live

Back a couple of months ago on September 20th, Epic Games released their ending entry into the shooter franchise they call their lovechild. Gears of War 3 launched into the widespread arms of fans across the globe, and with it came a closing door to a series that’s been around since the launch of the Xbox 360. The developer recently held a special holiday event for all players, showing that new content is ripe with the title. Though it’s far from dead, Gears of War 3 does have some surprising news attached to it today.

The game finally has an Xbox Live demo, arriving over two months out from the game’s launch date. It’s the same demo that was shown when Cliff Bleszinski played the game on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show, and it’s free for Gold Subscribers. Players jump right into the action and play as Marcus on the “Shipwreck” level.

It’s odd to me that the demo would appear now, this far out from the game’s release date. I can pretty much say that everyone who wanted to get the game has already purchased it, if not got it as a Christmas present. That being said, though, the demo does a great job of snatching those on-the-fence players, and it could potentially bring some new gamers in on the action. I’d like to see some Multiplayer or Horde Mode in the demo, but what am I saying? I already own the game. If you don’t, however, you should give the demo a test run. My bet’s that you’ll love it.


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