Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 5, 2011

Valve Employees Have Half-Life 3 T-Shirts?

Now I’m one to bet that Valve would find plenty of humor in trolling their own employees, but handing out boxes of Half-Life 3 t-shirts to all of their staff could just be cruel. The marketing guru for Monday Night Combat, Ekanaut, laid eyes on this shirt on a Valve employee at the Eastside Industry Night in Seattle.

When asked about Half-Life 3 (as you could expect he was bombarded), he knew only as much as we fans do. It doesn’t look like the developer was giving any more details about the game, which makes us suspect the trolling even more.

It’s a bit to far out on a limb to think that this guy went and specially made this shirt just to troll us, right? It does really look like this shirt is brand new out of the box right? It’s like the shirt is a promo for a new Half-Life 3 announcement, right? Right?


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