Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 17, 2012

Binary Domain Looks Terrible, Except For These Live Action Ads

The setting is in Tokyo in 2080, and robots are trying to take over the human race. Well, there is a little bit of question over that as it’s either humans are becoming more machine-like or robots are becoming more human.

Either way, this new game that’s coming out late February doesn’t look too entertaining. It’s a third person shooter where you are a squad of international peace-keepers. You shoot stuff, and there’s an epic battle, etc. There’s a good chance this would make a better movie than it would a game.

However, these live actions spots promoting the game are pretty hilarious. The game may not look like it’s worth much, but I could certainly watch the adventures of Assault-kun over and over again. There are two videos of him living the life of one in the Japanese work world. The one below is of him at lunch, chatting about girls with a coworker.

The other one which you can find here, is with him spazzing out over a coworker writing terrible things about the Department manager shortly after they had been chewed out. Once he realizes that the manager is going to come back for his forgotten notebook, he tries to turn over the whiteboard in attempts to cover up the crime, only to find that many others share the opinion of his female coworker.


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