Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 30, 2012

Capcom Lowers Resident Evil Revelations Price To $40

When the price for Resident Evil Revelations was revealed, people weren’t exactly excited about it. At $50, it runs about ten bucks more than your average 3DS title. Capcom stated that the reason was due to the need for it to use a 4GB card, rather than a standard 2GB one.

They haven’t been ignoring those people who weren’t happy about the price though. It would seem that they’ve been working hard to find a way to lower it. Their efforts have paid off, as the company officially announced that the price would be $39.99 at launch.

Thus far, the game has received high marks, even with the price as it was. It’s great that despite this, Capcom has decided to lower the price anyway. Kudos to you, Capcom.


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