Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 26, 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who is a wonderful, long-running show about the adventures of a lonely Time Lord, an alien who looks human, as he travels through time and space. This show is the longest running science fiction show in the world, as it has been running since 1963. He takes on companions, and battles many foes, but to give you any more information might be giving away spoilers. If you know of Doctor Who, then there’s a good chance you know of the many aliens that are hell bent on seeing his destruction.

Obviously time is a major factor with this series, so it seems only right that a game would surface at some point, and of course it would have something to do with a clock. Not much information has been revealed on the game just yet, but we do know that it will be called Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, and that you’ll be seeing the Silence, Cyberman, Silurians, and the Daleks. Supermassive Games will be heading this up, but they are working with the Doctor Who teams in London and Cardiff to make sure that everything comes out just right.

If you aren’t just brimming with excitement for this game, then you likely aren’t a fan of the show. However, it’s really exciting to see that they’re also going to include some characters from older season of the show instead of just the newest, and shiniest monsters. This game will only be available for PC, PS3, and PlayStation Vita, so you may want to start saving up if you don’t have any of those options to play this game yet. However, it won’t be globally available on PC until after it has released on PS3 and Vita.




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