Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 4, 2012

Emulate The Right Way With The Retrode 2

If you’re a gamer who has grown up with what is now considered as “retro gaming,” then you’re no stranger to emulators. Emulators let you play old-school games right from the comfort of your own PC, without the need to have the actual games or system. If you’re a hardcore gamer, though, you’ve most likely got the games and system, but don’t have them connected for one reason or another. Well, with the aptly-named Retrode 2, you can emulate the right way.

The Retrode 2 is a USB device that lets you play your SNES and Sega Genesis games on your computer, right through an emulator. You can pop in an actual cartridge, connect a controller, and you’re on your way to some nostalgic gaming. Basically, it’s a box of magic, and from it memories of your childhood spew like molten rivers of rainbow glory. Or at least that’s what we get out of it.

Though it’s not too clear why you’d choose to play these games on your computer in an emulator instead of the actual system, seeing as you’d already have the cartridge and controller, this is still a cool device. I guess for those who can pick the games and controllers from online or yard sales, this could come in handy. You can pick it up on it’s official site when it launches on January 23rd for about $85 if you really need to have it.


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