Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 11, 2012

Expect Five MW3 DLC Packs In the Next 3 Months

We already know that we can look for the first Modern Warfare DLC on January 24th, and that Activision intends to release a lot of smaller batches of content throughout the year. Well now we finally have some information on that first pack.

This first pack will include two new multiplayer maps, dubbed “Liberation and Piazza.” What we don’t know is just how much this will cost non-Elite members. (Elite subscribers will get this, and every other piece of DLC for free.) However, Infinity Ward’s Robert bowling did release some exciting news regarding the future of Modern Warfare DLC.

Not including this first pack, there will be five more packs in the next three months, and a total of 20 pieces of DLC by September. What’s more, we know that in March the company will be releasing a “Content Collection,” which will include all of the DLC up to that point (hopefully at a discounted price). We still don’t know what to expect from the new content, but it could be anything from new maps to new game types to new missions. It sounds like that extra $50 for Elite might be money well spent.


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