Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 27, 2012

Free Steam App Now Available For iOS And Android

Well it looks like Steam has finally released an official app for mobile devices. You can pick up the app on the App Store or the Android Market, and it’s completely free. Of course there’s a catch. What’s that you ask? The app is currently in its beta stage, and without a beta account you can’t sign in.

The Steam app lets players connect with their online friends, as well as see who is currently playing games. Players can chat together with their friends and stay connected, even while on the go. The worst issue right now is that only those with beta invites can actually log in and use the app to its fullest extent. If you try and sign in without an account, the app will pop up with an error message stating the obvious: you don’t have a beta account.

There isn’t any word on when the beta stage of the app will be over, so for now we’ll have to sit tight. Those with beta invites can check out the full app, and if you think you’ve got one then you’d better be checking your email. You can get the iOS version here, and the Android version here. It certainly won’t hurt to have the app already downloaded.


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