Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 26, 2012

Gears of War Vehicle Toys Coming This August

There are already some pretty sweet Gears of War action figures out on the market, and they’re quite the collector’s item. Up until now these were the only Gears-themed toys available, but that’s about to change. Coming to the market this August will be some brand new Gears of War toys that are modeled after in-game vehicles.

The site Pocket Lint has announced that the toy company Mecanno (which many will know better as Erector) will be releasing a brand new toy line based on the vehicles in the Gears of War series. Models for the Centaur Tank, Armadillo APC, and even the King Raven have been seen at the London Toy fair, which you can see a bit in the image above.

I like the idea, though I do have some reservations. If these will be somewhat like Erector Set builds, chances are they won’t be up on the scale of realism that the action figures are. Of course, if you’re a collector this won’t matter, but it still adds difference. The builds are still awaiting approval from Epic, but if everything goes smoothly, we should see these new sets in August. Here’s to building the tools for war.



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