Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 24, 2012

GTA III And Vice City To Get PSN Releases

The PS2 era had a lot of good titles, but for me, one that made the console a must-buy came out a year after its release. That’s right, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto III. Easily one of the most controversial games ever released, this game let you pull people out of cars, beat them to a pulp, and drive off. Sure, you could do this in the first two games, but not in glorious 3D.

Well this classic PS2 title will be getting a new release on the PSN sometime in the future. A listing at the ESRB shows that it’s not the only game in the series to get some PSN love. Vice City is also slated to be a downloadable PS2 Classic. San Andreas is strangely absent from the list.

Since the information comes from ESRB ratings, we don’t have any information on when they will be released, or what price we will be looking at. We’ll keep you posted as these are announced.


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