Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 24, 2012

Microsoft Points Will Be Discontinued By 2013 [Rumor]

I hate Microsoft Points. Why? Because no matter what I do, I always have some that I can’t spend. I’ll load up on them when I want to buy DLC, or download an XBLA game, but when I get done buying the things I want, there are still points left over. Yes, since they don’t expire, they’ll be there the next time I want something. But that’s not the point. When I want to make a purchase, I expect to pay the exact amount, and recieve my item. But that’s not the business model Microsoft wanted, because leftover points means you’re more likely to make another purchase, which you’ll have to buy another block of points to make. It’s like when you go to a carnival, and you have to use tickets to make purchases. No one likes that. So yeah, fuck you MS Points.

There is good news around the corner, if rumors are to be believed. Namely, Microsoft Points are on the way out. That’s right, you’ll be able to buy products with real currency, rather than a point system. The reason for this likely has nothing to do with the Xbox 360, but rather Microsoft’s mobile platform. You see, while you can buy apps for real money, some of the downloadable content within the apps requires MS Points. Talk about confusion.

According to rumor, the company plans on completely phasing out the Points system by the end of this year. This is the case across all platforms, including Xbox Live. For those who still have points during the switch, you’ll have those converted into your local currency. I don’t doubt that Microsoft will begin making retail cards available in the same way Sony does for PSN, for those who do not wish to add a credit/debit card to their account. We’ll keep you posted on this rumor as it develops.


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