Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 2, 2012

Net Loot :An Entire Guitar Created From An Atari – The gATARI2600

One of my favorite things about the video games from back in the day is the music. With the release of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World game, I started to really get into a genre of music known as chiptune. This style of music incorporates the use of different console mods, putting the sounds and tunes of our favorite games of old into new beats.

A guy by the name of cTrix employed this style of music in his new project, which has turned out to be amazing. He took an old Atari 2600, and through the use of some special tools and modding techniques, turned it into a musical instrument all its own. He calls it the gATARI2600, and what beautiful music it makes.

For a complete rundown on how the instrument works, and to get some tech specs, check out the video below. You can even see the gATARI2600 in action as cTrix took it on stage. It’s a really cool project, and he definitely gets some internet karma for this one.


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