Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 17, 2012

‘Ryder White’ Is Dead Island’s New DLC

You’ve already ran amidst the horrors of Banoi Island hands on with the four protagonists in Dead Island, it’s time to put a new spin on things. In a new pack of DLC coming out for the game puts players in the shoes in someone quite different in the game’s world. The new DLC is called “Ryder White,” and players take the role of a villain.

The downloadable has hours of gameplay with a new storyline as players tear across the island as Ryder. With this comes the question of why we, as players, should care about Ryder White, and what story he brings to the game. As PR Manager Aubrey “Bad To The Bone” Norris puts it, “I always like to think of antagonist characters not as evil, but simply….misunderstood. Ryder White was obviously suffering from a massive case of beast mood in Dead Island, and I think it’s only fair we got to learn his side of the story.”

The Ryder White DLC for Dead Island will hit the PS3 first, on January 31st for $9.99. It will follow up on the Xbox 360 on February 1st for 800 Microsoft Points. No word on when it will hit for the PC, but we’re still waiting.


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