Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 10, 2012

Skyrim Time On Loading Screen Mod Puts A Real Clock In The Game

When someone makes a mod for a game, it can have a profound effect on how it is played. Skyrim has seen plenty of these, whether they improve the game’s performance, turn mudcrabs into Zoidberg, or just remove the clothes from female characters. However, this latest mod that I’ve come across changes very little, and might be one of my favorites to date.

Dubbed KenMOD – Time on Loading Screen, this mod does much what you would expect. It puts the real-world time on each and every loading screen in the game. This means you won’t finally exit the game, only to find that you’ve been playing for a couple of hours longer than expected.

Sure, some will argue that this takes a bit away from the immersion factor. However, for those of us that like keeping an eye on the time, this is a nice little reminder. Sure, we all usually have a phone nearby, but this actually forces us to become aware of the time.


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