Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 11, 2012

SteelSeries Announces New Year Lineup At CES 2012

To kick off this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, SteelSeries stepped up to the plate with plenty to offer. The company is well-known for their gaming peripherals, and this year they’re prepared to head the charge for the community.

This year SteelSeries is happy to announce that they will be introducing new products into the headset, mouse, and controller categories, and there will undoubtedly be something for everyone. I’ll break each category down first, so we can see what the company has to offer for each type of gamer. In the realm of controllers, which is a bit new to SteelSeries, they introduce the Ion Mobile Controller. The Ion is a wireless, multiplatform controller about the size of a deck of cards that can be used for the PC, tablet, and even your smartphone. Here’s what you’re looking at:

Next up is headsets. When it comes to hardcore gaming, a headset is just as important as a mouse and keyboard. First up SteelSeries announced the Flux – an ultra-portable headset that works for the PC, Mac, and Mobile platforms. Next to that was the Siberia v2 Frost Blue Headset, which you can see up above. It’s a new take on an older design, as it adds illumination. They do know how we love stuff that glows.

Finally, the mice made the real big hit at the show. Up first is the Kana – which is also known as the Designed by Gamers mouse. This mouse is said to bridge the gap between the Kinzu and Sensei, really giving gamers what they really want in a gaming mouse. Last up in this category were the Kinzu v2 Pro Edition and the Kinzu v2. SteelSeries has a great lineup for the show, and this year some great products will hit the market. You can see more images of these products below, and detailed information on SteelSeries’ official site. Be sure to take some time to bask in the glow of what SteelSeries has to bring to us this year.

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