Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 16, 2012

Touch My Katamari Commercial Is Hilarious

The Katamari games have been known to bring an odd sort of humor into light. Their music is chipper and addictive, the characters are a bit strange, and the starting premise of these games as a whole is a bit hilarious. I mean, destroying all of the stars in the sky and forcing the smallest child you have to remake them all is a little irresponsible. Then again, who am I to judge.

It’s makes me almost too happy to see this awesome Touch My Katamari commercial because of it’s odd approach. The ending just about kills me every time, and by that I mean to say I have watched it way too many times.

These commercials always make the wait for the game seem just a little bit shorter. Febuary 22nd may not be that far away, but the anticipation seems like it lasts an eternity. Things will definitely be interesting seeing as you can now stretch and squeeze your katamari with the use of the rear touchscreen on your PS Vita. Prepare yourself for the warrior-poet! The King of all Cosmos!


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