Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 24, 2012

Twisted Metal Will Have Day One Patch, Online Pass Confirmed

If you’ve been keeping up with the Twisted Metal news, then you’d know that the game’s creator David Jaffe has been trying his best to keep players updated on a weekly basis. Lately there was some talk about the game possibly containing an online pass, and Jaffe wanted to make players aware that he would try to avoid that if he could. Though he was “torn” on the issue, he has just let us know that the Online Pass has indeed been confirmed for the game.

On top of this news, there will also be a demo for the game to release before its February 14th debut. There will also be a Day One Patch coming to the game as soon as it launches to try and fix any last-minute bugs that may hit the gameplay. Of course, this is all covered in Jaffe’s latest video blog, which we’ve posted below.

I’m excited for Twisted Metal, mainly because I’ve been playing it since it originally launched. This new entry looks to be one of the best, and has all of the great gameplay we’d come to expect from the series. Be sure to check the video below to see more about the Online Pass and what else to expect when Twisted Metal launches next month.


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