Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 30, 2012

Will You See A Kinect Sensor On Your Laptop Soon? [Rumor]

According to rumor over at The Daily, Microsoft is testing the use of the Kinect on laptops, with Windows 8 as the OS. The Kinect sensors seem to be placed above the screen and below it are a set of LEDs.

Though nothing official has been said yet about what you could do with the Kinect on the laptop, it’s easy to imagine that there are tons of possibilities. One possibility brought up in the article is the ability to switch programs based on a wave of your hand. With this, I can almost see something out of Minority Report .

No new major advancements in interacting with computers have occurred since the mouse, and while most people have no problems using the device, it’s not always known to be friendly to people with disabilities. While I don’t think the mouse and keyboard are going away anytime soon, I can easily see the Kinect becoming a preferred way for some people to interact with their computer.


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