Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 26, 2012

Xbox 720 Might Not Play Used Games [Rumor]

Concept Image by Joseph Dumary

According to a recent article by Kotaku, the next Xbox might not play used games. According to their source, Microsoft will be using some sort of anti-used game system for their next console. It’s not known how they would implement such a system, but the author of the article theorizes that the copy of the game is linked to the account. He then goes to say, though, that such a measure could be defeated by simply keeping the system offline.

I would guess that if Microsoft were to incorporate an anti-used gaming system for their console, they would probably just do what the PC industry has been doing for over a decade: CD keys. I could see the newest Xbox being the first system that would require an internet connection, so that the keys could be tied to the account.  This would ensure that even if the player were to get rid of the game, another person can’t just pick it up and start playing it without giving the publisher any extra money. EA has the Online Pass system, where all new copies of their games come with a free Online Pass, but if you were to get the game second-hand, you’d have to purchase an Online Pass in order to use the multiplayer options. This kind of a system could be adopted easily to work for whole games.

The question remains, though, is this right? Many games are bought used from locations like GameStop and EB Games, and the stores keep all the profits from these used game sales. It is understandable that the publishers want to see more of that money. But what about the people who can’t afford to pay out the 50 or 60 dollars for each new game, and instead trade and borrow amongst their friends? What will happen to the video game rental industry when a system like this is implemented? There are too many questions to be addressed, and I don’t know if Microsoft has thought out the ramifications of such a system. I will say this, though, it will be a sad day when a person has to jump through so many different hoops just to play their game at a friend’s house.


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