Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 1, 2012

Angry Birds Are Invading Your Home

Just when you thought that angry birds couldn’t get any bigger. There is now a physical version of the game to spend more of your life on. Yes, I’m talking about actual pieces that children can choke on if they’re not monitored.

I thought the park in China that had a giant version of Angry Birds was pretty insane, but this just goes to show how fanatical people can be over games. However, this game offers a completely different dimension of fun, so it’s understandable why it came into existence. In having the tangible structures available, you can place things however you’d like them, creating more difficult “levels” for you and your friends.

This is an excellent way to let loose your frustrations of the day, and an even better way to spend money on a game you likely already have. For $23.99, you will get three green pigs, a slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces, mission cards, and of course, two angry birds. If you want to really make things challenging, and have the money to do it, you can buy two kits to make things really difficult. Or you could just play the version on your phone.


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