Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 19, 2012

Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Deal Ended Early

There’s some bad news if you were waiting to preorder Mass Effect 3; they will no longer be giving out bonus copies of Battlefield 3 as a promotion anymore. It was originally planned to go through until March 5th.

The cancellation notice was posted on Origin’s Twitter account. Besides the announcement, they did make sure to say that all pre-orders made during the deal will receive their code by March 8th.

It’s a little unfortunate that EA decided to end the pre-order deal early, but at least they’re still going to honor the deal for those lucky enough to have picked up the pre-order already. It seemed a bit absurd to me in the first place that EA would be giving out a free copy of a game that is still quite new and still selling as it is. My guess is that EA saw how much sales had dropped off for Battlefield 3 and panicked.


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