Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 9, 2012

Bioware Polls Old Republic Players Regarding Global Cooldown UI Changes

In the latest patch for The Old Republic, Bioware made some changes to how the global cooldown UI operates. While some may appreciate the new design, the forums would indicate that the majority of players aren’t in favor of them. Thankfully this feedback has not fallen on deaf ears, and Bioware has decided to put the topic to a vote.

As it stands, with around 3500 votes, the majority is against the changes. Less than a third of voters like what Bioware has done with the cooldown. The biggest complaint seems to be the fact that your entire toolbar flashes every 1.5 seconds while in combat. While it wouldn’t be a big deal to see every now and again, having it happen constantly is quite a nuisance.

While it’s sad to see a change so poorly received, it’s good that the company is recognizing this, and specifically asking for player feedback. It would be just as easy for them to ignore the complaints and leave it as it is. Sadly, the poll was only open for a few hours. It would have been nice if they’d left it up for at least a whole day.


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