Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 14, 2012

Blizzard Introduces Starcraft Risk And World of Warcraft Monopoly

It seems that the overlords at Blizzard are teaming up with Hasbro’s USAopoly to bring forth creations fit for the gods. They will soon be publishing a World of Warcraft Monopoly game along with a Starcraft Risk game. This is perfect, especially considering that when the company urges you to take your adventures outside of Azeroth, you can continue them right on your coffee table.

Starcraft Risk will include all three races from the game, and something Blizzard calls “astute deployment of military might and strategic field tactics.” It will also include three play modes which will offer a bit different style compared the original Risk. As far as the World of Warcraft Monopoly game goes, players will be able to purchase cities and zones from the MMO. The tokens have not yet been decided, and fans can go vote for what they want to see on the game’s Facebook page.

I know I’ll be grabbing both games when they arrive, though we don’t know a set date at this time. There’s something enticing about being able to say “I own Stormwind. NOW I AM GOING TO BLOW IT UP!” Plus, I get to take gold from people, and that’s always fun.


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