Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 1, 2012

Darksiders Novel Coming To Compliment The Release Of Darksiders II

The trailers that have released for Darksiders II have done an amazing job of showing a world that’s seen a ton of new attention. They’ve also shown us a new hero that is afraid of nothing, and brings enough power to the table to decimate any who stand in his way. The game is really looking to become an in-depth sequel, but there is one question fans are still asking: what is our hero thinking through all this?

While it’s great to see Death, brother of War, wreaking havoc across the various planes of existence, he says very little on his way. At least, we don’t see him say too much. This has left many fans wanting a closer look into the story behind the game, and Death’s major mission. Thankfully an answer has come for all of our prayers, and this game will be receiving a boost along the line of story, with a novel arriving just in time for the second game’s launch.

The novel will be called Darksiders: The Abomination Vault, and it’s being written by Del Rey Brooks. In May the book will hit retail shelves and players will get to dig deeper into the realm encompassing the balance between good and evil. The book follows Death and War as they attempt to overthrow a plot to “resurrect ancient weapons of unimaginable power.” I’m excited for the novel, and the addition of this book will really help bring the overall story together. Finally, we’ll get to take a look inside that thick skull of Death.


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