Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 1, 2012

Dungeon Defenders DLC For PC Will Not Arrive For Consoles

The DLC for Dungeon Defenders on the PC, the smaller set that came out via Steam, won’t be available to those who own the game on consoles. If you’ve been fortunate to pick up the game on either the PlayStation Network or the Xbox Live Arcade, unfortunately you’ll be left in the cold. The Steam-only DLC includes the current and future Holiday DLC, the Barbarian character, Assault Mission Pack, Nightmare Mode, the New Heroes Pack, Shops, and much more.

On the Dungeon Defenders forums, Trendy posted an official statement on the decision not to bring the DLC to consoles. “After much thought and investigation, we’ve decided it’s unfeasible from both a technical and business standpoint to bring the PC-only content… to the console versions. This is for a variety of reasons including the massibe restructuring of the current console game that would have to take place, the QA process necessary to prepare for submission, patch size limitations, patch stacking requirements, and the opportunity cost of pursuing other projects.”

The post also goes into a bit of explanation on how the developers thought processes when first idealizing DLC. “When we were making Dungeon Defenders, we knew we wanted to make DLC. At the same time, we couldn’t afford to pretend Dungeon Defenders was going to be Minecraft (or hell, even Magicka) when it released. We couldn’t dedicate our small tech team (3 people!) to spend a large chunk of precious development time on DLC when we still had a lot of work to do on the core game.” This makes their take on the situation understandable, especially when considering that the team put so much work into the PC version of the game. The bottom line? Don’t be looking for the Steam-only DLC on consoles in the future. If you want to jump into the extra stuff, you’ll need to grab the game on PC.


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