Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 6, 2012

Family Guy Online

Sometimes you wonder why a game was created. Although I do enjoy the stupid hilarity of Family Guy, I can’t exactly see why Family Guy Online came into existence. However, it does actually look like fun, and is going to be Free-To-Play.

This browser-based RPG is going to feature all of your favorite characters and locations from the show, while also giving you a character creator. The Griffins will be NPCs that will give you quests and challenges that will probably send you into some interesting situations. You will be rewarded with clips from the show, and points that will go towards upgrades and items. The map you’ll be playing on will be somewhat realistic, as there is no actual map of Quahog in existence at the present.

It seems that even though it carries core mechanics from other successful RPGs, this game is going to be more for comedy than heroic deeds. As the actual show progresses, new DLC will crop up to keep things current for both show stories and real life events. Family Guy Online is doing a closed beta at the moment, but will hopefully have an open beta in the coming months.


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