Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 27, 2012

Fez Won’t Be Hitting Xbox Live In May As Previously Stated

We’ve been waiting a very long time for the Xbox Live game Fez, and it seems that we keep being put on the ropes the more we hear about it. You see, Microsoft posted on the actual Xbox Live Marketplace that the game would be hitting the distribution lines on May 2nd. This raised a ton of excitement within the gaming community, though it has found to be a loss.

Fez was originally slated to release back in 2009, and since its announcement we’ve been lying in wait. Since this little announcement on the Xbox Live Arcade listings, there has been some upsetting news as it looks like the announcement has been posted in incorrect haste. According to Polytron’s Phil Fish, the date listed by Microsoft is wrong, and the game hasn’t even been certified by the company at all.

Microsoft has been reached for word on the matter, and many of us are awaiting a reply. We don’t know exactly why Microsoft went ahead and posted such information, and neither does Polytron. For now, the release date for Fez is still TBA. As soon as something comes up, we’ll update.


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