Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 6, 2012

Final Fantasy X To Be Remastered, Not Completely Remade

Square Enix has spent several years reproducing classic Final Fantasy games and making them available on newer consoles. The latest game to receive the treatment is Final Fantasy X. It’s an interesting choice, given that they skipped several titles in the franchise.

One of the major questions that has been looming is whether the game is a full remake, or is simply getting a facelift. The question has been put to rest by Square Enix’s Hashimoto Shinji. He stated that “is the HD Remaster production, but the screen is much prettier than the original, but also the players a lot of looking forward to!” Bear in mind that this is a translation, but it seems to answer quite plainly that it will simply be remastered for HD TVs.

It’s amazing that a game that seemed so beautiful back on the PS2 is already in dire need of updating. Of course, the question that still remains is when we will get a remastered version of VII. Seriously, don’t tease me with a tech demo if you’re never going to deliver!


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