Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 8, 2012

Get Texts From Mass Effect 3 Characters With The New Datapad App

BioWare has already announced an upcoming iOS game for Mass Effect 3 called Mass Effect: Infiltrator, but this isn’t all that’s coming for fans. Yet another app has been announced by the developer, and this one is a bit different than an actual game.

The new app is called Datapad, and it is more of a social and interactive app. The Datapad app is coming to help fans “stay in touch with all of the info in Mass Effect 3.” Using the app, players can check the status of the ongoing war in the galaxy map, and they will even get test messages from in-game characters.

This is perhaps one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen come for a game, though it’s one many have imagined for a while now. To think that I could get a text from Joker, complaining about the crew on the Normandy? That would be awesome. I’m hoping that they can make some responses to send out if you were to actually reply to their messages too. Now that would be total win.


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