Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 14, 2012

God Of War IV Revealed? [Rumor]

With the third installment, it seemed pretty clear that the tale of Kratos had come to a close. After all, how many more tales can be told about a dead man? Of course, if you stayed past the credits, you will have seen the teaser, which left the ending just open enough for them to make a fourth God of War game.

Now it would seem that we have a new hint that the game is in fact, in development. An artist by the name of David Thornfield has listed the title on his LinkedIn profile, stating that he has worked on it. The company he has worked for during the last four months is House of Moves, which did a lot of the animation for God of War III. This makes it seem very likely that he has indeed been working on the fourth (or sixth, if you’re including the two PSP titles) game in the series.

If you visit his page, you’ll find that the three titles listed simply as “Unannounced Game Title (VG)”. Apparently someone has already alerted him to the fact that this should not be public knowledge. Thankfully the guys over at Pikimal were able to grab a screenshot of the profile before it was changed.


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