Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 27, 2012

Gotham City Imposters Free DLC

We were all a bit shocked to see that 100 pieces of DLC came out for a game that wasn’t starring the big bad Bat. Thankfully, you didn’t actually have to buy them all as it was more for those who are just a little bit too impatient to collect items over time. Playing the game and completing certain tasks would unlock them just the same.

All that aside, there is a ton of new DLC out for Gotham City Imposters available now, and it’s all free. While some of it is cosmetic, there are a lot of new maps, weapons, and gadgets to play with too. This will be available on XboxLive, and will hopefully provide some matchmaking system improvements as well.

The new map is named the 25th Floor, and features a building that towers over the city of Gotham. Shiny new weapons called the Kingmaker and the Falcon Blade will also be making an appearance, which are a semi-auto pistol, and a ninja katana. The video below goes into a bit more depth, but it looks like this free stuff is worth the few seconds it will take to download it.



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