Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Feb 20, 2012

Project P.E.W. The Only Skyrim Mod You’ll Ever Need

Ever since we saw the Skyrim Creation Kit go live, it’s been a non-stop free-for-all making new mods. Whether it’s My Little Pony dragons, Nyan Cat sabre cats, or Zoidberg spiders, there have been plenty of hilarious things to be seen. However, there haven’t been many things that can be heard coming to the forefront. Well, until now that is.

It’s name is Project P.E.W., and it is here to blow your mind. It’s not going to vastly improve your audio experience of the entire game, so don’t go expecting some big fanfare. However, it does enhance some aspects of the game, and it will definitely be hilarious.

Make sure to turn your speakers up to experience this audio gold at maximum capacity. Any PC gamers can head to the Steam Workshop and click “subscribe” to be a part of Project P.E.W. Make sure to thank YouTube user bigirpall for what will likely make your day.


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