Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 14, 2012

Skyrim And Dragonball Z Collide In Another New Mod [Net Loot]

Last time, on Skyrimball Z… Okay, so that’s not how I am really going to introduce this post, but it’s got a bit of foreshadowing! Ever since the Skyrim Creation Kit released, there have been Skyrim mods running wild all over the place! This time we’re bringing you one that’s sure to deliver a knock-out blow to the anime nerd in all of us.

The mod comes to us from AnimatedSoundWave, and it essentially interchanges some sounds, textures, and character models within the Skyrim world with those from Dragonball Z. What’s being called the “Dragonball Skyrim Overhaul” has a demo reel, and in it we see Krillin and Goku as they take their new forms and powers to new heights.

On the surface the mod does look a bit choppy, but I will admit that it looks pretty interesting. The spells and sounds are all there, and if you keep in mind that the creators were limited to what’s in the Creation Kit, it’s quite impressive. There’s even a Spirit Bomb in there, and for that alone you need to check out the demo reel.


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