Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 10, 2012

Valve Says It’s “Probable” That Credit Card Information Was Stolen From Steam

Remember last November when Steam was hacked? At the time, when Gabe Newell addressed everyone, he let us know that there wasn’t any evidence that credit card information was stolen. However, after further investigation, he has given us reason to worry, just a little.

In a statement released earlier today, Gabe stated that “Recently we learned that it is probable that the intruders obtained a copy of a backup file with information about Steam transactions between 2004 and 2008. This backup file contained user names, email addresses, encrypted billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. It did not include Steam passwords.”

This doesn’t mean that they did get this information, as there is still no evidence to support that. However, Valve wants us to know that it is possible that the intruders could have obtained this backup. It’s still a very good idea to keep a very close eye on your credit card statements. Though, since the information is so old, it’s likely that the information that could have been obtained by hackers is useless to them.


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