Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 2, 2012

Are These Leaked Doom 4 Screenshots Real?

The internet has once again played host to some leaked information, this time in the form of screenshots supposedly from Doom 4. A site by the name of AllGamesBeta took the images down from 4chan, and in them we see some character models and environments. All together there are 170 images and they all claim to display the next entry in the legendary shooter saga.

When these images released on the site, they came with the news that Doom 4 had been canceled. This rumor has been snuffed by Bethesda, but other official news has yet to come from the developer. Right now it’s wise to take caution when referring to the images, for numerous reasons. We don’t know if they are actually from the game, or just some concept title. They could be fabricated. Finally, there isn’t anything in them that gives way to them really showing off Doom.

You can head on over to the AllGamesBeta page to see all of the images and make of them whatever you may. We’re still waiting on word from Bethesda on whether or not these are to be believed, as well as what they were doing on the site in the first place. All of the images look pretty impressive, no matter where they came from.


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