Posted by Nick Landis on Mar 28, 2012

Bioshock Infinite Siren Sings The Dead Awake

We’ve gotten to see some pretty terrifying enemies for Bioshock Infinite, and now another heavy hitter has floated onto the scene. This was an acknowledgment to a “major social movement at the turn of the century,” says creative director Kevin Levine. People were starting to take interest in contacting the dead during this time period, so it seemed only fitting that a spectral being would play a part in this game.

Named the Siren, she is both ethereal and talented, as her voice can raise the dead to walk again. This is going to make things pretty challenging, as you will have to fight off the same foes twice or more here and there. Once you kill her, her cronies will lay in peace once more, but you will have to choose whether you kill the Siren, or the people still shooting at you.

With the way the enemies are stacking up for this game thus far, it’s looking like things are going to quite challenging. Although, that just means the game is going to be worthwhile. Let’s just hope you aren’t faced with all of them in the same place.

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