Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 28, 2012

BioWare Receives 400 Cupcakes On Behalf Of Disappointed Fans

Have you ever been so mad that you wanted to send someone cupcakes? Well some fans of Mass Effect are, and this is exactly how they’re showing their feelings. A group of fans banned together on the BioWare forums and raised enough money to send the developers 400 cupcakes to show their disappointment over the recently-released Mass Effect 3.

All together the total for these cupcakes grew to $1,005, but the group managed to raise the money together to make their point. They placed a huge order through Fuss Cupcakes and had them all delivered straight to BioWare’s door. Now while this is strange enough, it’s how they were made that’s even more odd. The whole order was split into thirds, each with 134 cupcakes that were customized a different way. First off, all of the cupcakes were vanilla-flavored. There was no deviating from this. When it comes to decoration, however, the order splits. One-third of the amount was iced in green, complete with the letter A on top. Another third came out in blue icing and the letter B, and the final piece of the order was iced in red containing the letter C.

When you look at it, the order was so simple, yet so brilliant, that it’s amazing. This was supposed to send a message to BioWare that fans want “more sweet added to a bittersweet ending.” Though the cupcakes look different, they all taste the same – symbolizing the three different paths to the game’s ending that all eventually end up at the same point. The campaign website for the cupcake order states, “As fans, we want BioWare to do right by us, and fix the endings for Mass Effect 3. But we also want to let BioWare know that we trust them, and have faith in them.” I don’t know how exactly this will turn out, but I think this is a brilliant idea. Kudos go out to the campaign group for their extreme effort!


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