Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Mar 12, 2012

Can One Nvidia Kepler GPU Replace 3 GTX 580s?

When we start hearing whispers of next-generation hardware, the biggest question is just how much of an improvement we will see over what’s currently on the market. Estimates are almost always much higher than what we receive, however, there is always hope that we’ll see a huge jump. If we believe what we’re hearing from Epic Games, Nvidia’s next set of chips might very well blow the old ones out of the water.

If you’ve never heard of the “Samaritan” demo from Epic Games, that’s understandable. In fact, there’s a really good chance that your PC wouldn’t even run it. According to the company, until now, the only systems powerful enough were running three GTX 580s. However, while at GDC, they showed that it could be done with a single (yet unreleased card).

That’s right, they were able to replace three of the top GPUs with a single Kepler chip. Yes, this is only a tech demo, and real-world experiences will be vastly different. However, the fact that one chip can replace three GTX 580s for anything is pretty incredible.


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