Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Mar 5, 2012

Crimson Dragon Trailer

A little while back, Microsoft was tossing along a game called Project Draco. Its official name is Crimson Dragon, and it looks like it will be worthwhile. This flying shooter is meant for the Kinect, and is easily one of the few shooter games I am excited about.

The footage below gives you an idea of what gameplay will be like. An unofficial translation from XBLA lover @lifeflower tells us that there are three dragons depicted in this video, but the game will give you six different dragons to ride. The red dragon is “Blood Wing” the muscly one is “Dark Shoulder” and the white dragon, is appropriately named “Snow Wing”.

This will be a downloadable game for XBLA at some point during this year. Director Yukio Futatsugi made sure to let everyone know that there would be plenty to keep you occupied in the game, and that co-op for up to three players is possible.


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