Posted by Nick Landis on Mar 29, 2012

Ivy Bridge Launches April 29 [Rumor]

If you’ve been considering putting together a new gaming rig, you might want to hold off. We’ve known for some time that Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chips would be coming out this year, but the company has been mum on exactly when we should expect to see them. Well now it looks as though the wait is nearly over, with just a month to go.

According to CPU World’s sources, Intel will officially announce the new Z77, Z75, H77 and B75 chipsets. Then, during the 4th week of April, they will unveil the first batch of Ivy Bridge CPUs. These include the quad-core i7’s and select quad-core i5’s. These will then go on sale April 29. Here is a breakdown of the prices and specs of the CPUs available at the end of next month:

The rest of the i5 and i7 line should be available June 3rd, while the i3 line won’t be introduced until sometime in Q3 of this year. Just bear in mind that while most of this information seems solid, it has not been officially confirmed by Intel. So don’t be surprised if the dates or prices are off by a bit.


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