Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Case Vaults Now Available, Includes Free DLC

Yesterday marked the release of one of the biggest games of the year, Mass Effect 3. With this release many fans were waiting in awe to pick up BioWare’s latest, and final, chapter for Commander Shepard. The game released with both a Limited and Collector’s Edition, but that’s not all. The team over at Calibur11 has been working hard, and the new Mass Effect-themed case vault is ready for pickup as well.

This sweet case vault sports the N7 armor, complete with a headphone stand, making your rig ready for battle The cool thing about the vault is that it is out for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 (slim versions), and when players pick it up they’ll score some special DLC for Mass Effect 3 that can’t be grabbed anywhere else.

The DLC is called the “Reinforcement Pack.” These packs include a wide variety of character race and class unlocks, weapons and weapon mods, ammo, power and health consumables, and other items that can be used in-game. The Reinforcement Packs are all random, so no player will get exactly the same thing. You can pick up one of these new vaults for $89.99 on Calibur11’s online shop, and I recommend you do so while they last.

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