Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Having Character Importing Issues

As some of you people may have found out, there are some problems involving the appearance of characters imported into Mass Effect 3. At this time, it only seems to affect the appearance of your Commander Shepard and none of the hard choices you’ve made and the consequences you’ve dealt with have been affected.

The problem has to do with your original Commander Shepard. At this time, if you have made a Shepard in the original Mass Effect and imported him or her into Mass Effect 2, and did not modify Shepard at all, what happens is that Commander Shepard’s appearance rolls back to the default settings when imported into Mass Effect 3.

This isn’t the only issue involving characters being imported, though this problem is not a big deal compared to what some Xbox 360 players have to deal with. For players who had transferred their Mass Effect 2 saves to another hard drive over the cloud feature, they will find that Mass Effect 3 will not accept the Mass Effect 2 file for importation. The only way to fix that issue is to place the file back on the original hard drive that it came from. Hopefully, there will be some fixes here soon, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the hard drive issue is a bit out of reach.

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